Research and Evaluation Reports

Research Reports

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo's Seniors Services Planning Report

This report provides background information and a snapshot of current Regional planning and service provision related to seniors. It outlines the legislative requirements of the Region and compares current activities to these requirements as well as promising planning practices within Canada. Click on the title to read the report.


2012 Demographic Profile of the Residents of Sunnyside Home.

It is anticipated that this report will be released in the fall of 2012.

Evaluation Reports

Sunnyside Wellness Centre Evaluation Summary Report

In April 2009, the Sunnyside Foundation launched a fundraising campaign to raise $500,000 to build, furnish and equip the Sunnyside Wellness Centre. As a result of the successful campaign, Seniors' Services was able to open the
Sunnyside Wellness Centre in May 2010.In August, 2011, the 250 members of the Sunnyside Wellness Centre were mailed a survey to determine their level of satisfaction with the services provided by the Wellness Centre. This report provides a summary of the feedback provided by the 66 members who completed the survey. Click on the title to read the report.

Food Services Community Programs Evaluation, Client/Tenant Summary Report

In addition to meeting the dietary needs of Residents, the Food Services program area within Seniors' Services also provides meals for four community programs: Community Alzheimer Programs; Loaves and Fishes (off-site); K-W Seniors Day Program and Sunnyside Supportive Housing. In the Fall of 2011, Food Services undertook an evaluation to determine the level of satisfaction of community program staff and clients/tenants with Food Services. This report provides a summary of the feedback that was received from 61 clients and tenants from the community programs. Click on the title to read the report.

Volunteer Satisfaction Evaluation Report

A survey was sent to 225 Sunnyside Seniors' Services volunteers in October, 2011. A total of 130 (58 per cent) surveys were returned. This report presents a summary of the results. Click on the title to read the report.

For more information about the reports listed on this page, please contact Kelly Buxton, Social Planning Associate at 519-575-4757 extension 5402.