Region of Waterloo Seniors' Strategy

On August 20, 2014, Regional Council endorsed the Region of Waterloo Seniors' Strategy. The strategy was developed by the Region of Waterloo Seniors' Advisory Committee which consists of citizens, community partners and Regional staff. The World Health Organization's Age-Friendly Environments research was used as the theoretical framework for the strategy.

In developing the strategy, the Seniors' Advisory Committee took into consideration the excellent age-friendly community work that is already in progress in the area municipalities and did not want to duplicate these efforts. The Seniors' Advisory Committee conducted a municipal consultation process in which residents and community partners were asked to identify priority areas for the strategy. Additionally, a comprehensive internal review identified the numerous ways in which the Region of Waterloo is currently contributing to the achievement of the World Health Organization age-friendly environment indicators.

Using the results of the Municipal Consultation and Internal Review, the Seniors' Advisory Committee identified 30 recommendations which will support older adults by:

  • Continuing and enhancing efforts by the Region of Waterloo to be an age-friendly organization; and,
  • Ensuring that the Region of Waterloo delivers its mandated services and programs in an age-friendly manner.

The Region of Waterloo Seniors' Strategy also includes an Age Friendly Lens (Lens). The Lens was developed to help staff understand how people's needs may change as they age. The Lens is a tool that staff can use to assess the age-friendliness of the Region's programs, services and service delivery. Staff can then use the results of the assessment to develop an action plan to increase the age-friendliness of the services and programs offered by their program area.

Region of Waterloo Seniors' Strategy Full Report

Region of Waterloo Seniors' Strategy Summary Report