Physiotherapy is a drug free way health care practice. Physiotherapists work with patients of all ages to decrease pain, and improve function. At the Sunnyside Wellness Centre, the Physiotherapists will work with patients to achieve the following goals:

1.   Reduce Pain

2.   Improve Mobility

3.   Increase Strength

4.   Improve overall Functional Abilities

5.   Return Patients to their Normal Activities of Daily Living

6.   Seniors Program to increase and maintain mobility

7.   Falls Prevention Program

8.   Post Surgical Rehab Programs

9.   Return to Work Programs

10. Education- to ensure that all patients understand their conditions and what they can do to achieve satisfactory outcomes


At the Sunnyside Wellness Centre, we see the following conditions:

1.  Arthritis (Joint Pain)

2.  Back Pain

3.  Neck Pain

4.  Muscle (strains and sprains)

5.  Balance Issues

6.  Post Surgical Conditions (Hip, Knee, Spine)

7. Osteoporosis


New Government Funded Programs (Physician or Nurse Practitioner Referral Required)

Beginning December 15, 2014, Sunnyside Wellness Centre will be providing Government Funded Physiotherapy Services to Eligible Ontarians. Please see the criteria below and check with your Physician or Nurse Practitioner to see if you meet the criteria for these funded programs.

  • The Physician or Nurse Practitioner must believe that there is a condition that would improve with an Episode of Physiotherapy Care
  • Physician or Nurse Practitioner must provide a referral for Episode of Physiotherapy Care
  • Government funding is available for Ontarians over 65 or under 19 years of age
  • Government funding is available for persons on a Ontario Disability Support program, Family Benefits or Ontario Works with proof of valid drug card
  • Government funding is available for Ontarians who require treatment following an overnight hospitalization


To book an appointment or to learn more about the Sunnyside Wellness Centre please call 519-896-0805 or email

To find out if you qualify for funded physiotherapy services please visit 

Wellness Centre Physician Referral Pad 

Other Funding for Physiotherapy Services at Sunnyside Wellness Centre

  • WSIB - if you have been injured at work and have a current valid claim
  • MVA - if you have been injured in an automobile accident and have symptoms
  • Company Benefits Plan - if you have an employee benefits plan, they often have coverage for Private Physiotherapy Services
  • Private Pay - The Sunnyside Wellness Centre will provide Physiotherapy Services directly to those that have no plan and have decided to pay out of pocket.

 Please call us at 519 896 0805 to determine which program is right for you.