Municipal Planning for Seniors Committee

The Municipal Planning for Seniors Committee (MPS) is comprised of staff representatives from each of the seven area municipalities as well as staff representatives from the Region of Waterloo. The Municipal Planning for Seniors Committee has two main purposes:

  • To work collaboratively to develop a coordinated approach for planning and addressing seniors' needs in Waterloo region.
  • To share information regarding current services, strategic directions and initiatives pertaining to seniors.

The objectives of this committee are as follows:

  • Work towards meeting the current and future needs of seniors in Waterloo region. 
  •  Develop an ongoing awareness and understanding of existing services, supports and programs targeting seniors in Waterloo region.
  • Provide an opportunity for information sharing, networking and collaborative activities such as sharing resources and developing joint strategies.
  • Use knowledge of other services to guide service activity in order to: increase the quality and consistency of services provided to seniors; avoid duplication (when applicable) and to foster stronger links among services.
  • Work towards making Waterloo region more age-friendly.

The committee generally meets three times per year. For more information about this committee, please contact Kelly Buxton, Social Planning Associate at 519 575-4757 extension 5402.