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If you are a tenant or member of Community Housing, you will find useful information in the website pages that affect you.

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Do you need identification?

Ontario is introducing a new photo card that will provide government-issued identification to more than 1.5 million Ontarians who do not drive. The Ontario photo card will make it easier to perform everyday transactions such as cashing a cheque or returning merchandise to a store. The voluntary card will be available to individuals 16 years of age and over who don't hold a driver's licence.

*The Ontario photo card will help prove your identity, but not your citizenship status.*

Ontario Photo Card

Contact ServiceOntario for more information:

Toll-free        1-800-267-8097
TTY toll-free  1-800-268-7095



Think you've got bedbugs? Check out the bedbug page on the Region's Public Health site for information and tips.