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Other Funding Opportunities

The programs listed in this section are available to anyone who qualifies. You do not have to apply under the Affordable Housing Strategy.

Optional Property Tax Class

The optional property tax class lowers the tax ratio of new apartment units (tax ratio 1.000), which creates savings by reduces overall operating costs. Housing providers and private landlords with new multi-residential developments with six units or more are automatically provided with the optional property tax class at the time of assessment.

Brownfield Incentives Program

Brown field's are vacant or underutilized properties such as:

  • Old industrial sites;
  • Closed service stations;
  • Dry cleaners;
  • Junkyards;
  • Factories; or
  • Foundries.

These sites often have significant redevelopment potential, but can be costly due to the presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants.

To help address some of the financial challenges associated with Brownfield clean up and redevelopment, the Region of Waterloo created the Brownfield Financial Incentive Program (BFIP).

For more information about this program, please view our Brownfield & Incentives section.

Seed Funding

Seed Funding offers financial assistance to non-profit and private landlords who are in the early stages of developing an affordable housing project.

For more information about Seed Funding, please visit the CMHC Seed Funding Program Details website.

Proposal Development Funding (PDF)

The PDF program offers loans to non-profit and private landlords to help with the up-front expenses incurred during the process of developing an affordable housing project proposal. A PDF loan of up to $100,000 enables housing proponents to carry out the activities required to bring their proposal to the point where they can apply for mortgage financing.

For more information about Proposal Development Funding, please visit the CMHC Proposal Development Funding website.