Non-profit housing is owned and operated by service clubs, faith groups, ethnic organizations, community agencies or municipal governments.

If you are a tenant of a non-profit building, you are either:

  • A federal non-profit tenant


  • A provincial non-profit tenant

To find out if you are a federal or provincial non-profit tenant, please ask your property manager.


Federal versus provincial non-profits

There are some differences between federal and provincial non-profits. The differences include:


 Federal Non-Profits

 Provincial Non-Profits

 Governed by

(for a copy of the Federal Operating Agreement for your non-profit, please contact your property manager)

Appeal process for tenants

The Appeal process is the same for tenants in federal and provincial non-profits. If a tenant has a dispute with a landlord and the claim has been reviewed and given a ruling by the Tribunal Board, a tenant can appeal the decision through Small Claims Court.