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Ontario Works Benefits

The basic financial assistance Ontario Works issues each month includes an amount for Basic Needs and Shelter (if required), or an amount for Board and Lodging depending on your individual circumstances.

The tables found below provide the maximum amount of monthly basic financial assistance you may be eligible to receive, based on

  • Living arrangements (rent/own vs. board and lodge)
  • Number of dependents
  • Age of dependents
  • Marital or common law status
  • Dependent children who are living with their parents and have dependent children

In addition to these factors, the following factors may also affect the amount of assistance you receive or your eligibility for assistance:

  • Accommodation costs
  • Income sources
  • Financial status (dependent vs. independent) if living with your parent(s)
  • Assets (Note: Assets are anything of material value that an individual owns and can be converted into cash)

Ontario Works rate tables



Additional Benefits

Ontario Works participants may be eligible for financial assistance with items in addition to their monthly cheque. Maximum amounts and limits apply. Payments for discretionary benefits are made directly to vendors (e.g., the agency/business providing the item/support). Please see the documents below for a list of some of the discretionary items.

Contact your Ontario Works caseworker for more information.