Emergency Food Hamper

There are a many programs throughout Waterloo Region that offer food assistance including hampers and meal programs.

For details, check out the Sources of Emergency and Low-Cost Food brochure.

The Local Food Assistance System

'Waterloo Region Shares' is working with the Food Assistance Network, to implement nine recommendations in order to improve the coordination, efficiency and effectiveness of the local food assistance system.

They are:

  • Build the momentum of the network.
  • Support coping and prevention programs.
  • Examine community centre and neighbourhood access to food assistance.
  • Investigate the feasibility of a centralized data collection system.
  • Ensure agencies have food safety and handling training.
  • Address service gaps.
  • Improve the consistency and coordination of service levels.
  • Analyze the research conducted.
  • Improve operating efficiencies and coordination of food collection and distribution.

For more information, check out the Waterloo Region Shares fact sheet.