What Supportive Housing is Available?


The Region of Waterloo Housing Services funds supportive housing programs that provide housing support coordination to people with a history of homelessness to help them stay housed and reduce the risk of returning to homelessness.


This support is provided through regular meetings with support workers who help people:

  • Identify the areas in their life where they most likely need support to be able to stay housed and avoid future experiences of homelessness.
  • Build skills related to staying housed and get connected to other community services. 
  • Set goals related to staying housed and building greater independence.

This support is not specialized mental health support, crisis support, therapeutic counselling, or medical support. Where these types of support are needed, support workers help people access the appropriate systems that specialize in these supports.


The Region offers this supportive housing through two programs:

 1. CHPI Supportive Housing (onsite support)

 2. STEP Home (mobile support)


See Supportive Housing Brochure.