Renter's Toolkit: 
Finding and Keeping a Home

4. Staying Housed

How stable is your housing? The tip sheets and worksheets below will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and let you know about community resources that can support you to stay housed.  


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Talking to your landlord about issues 

How to Respond to Issues that Arise During Your Tenancy
Find out when a landlord can evict a renter, when you should report a health or safety issue, and who to report to.

Missed Rent Payments and Negotiating with Your Landlord
This tip sheet will help you work out issues with paying rent and offer advice on how to talk to your landlord about it.


What To Do If You Are Unable to Pay Your Utility Bills
Includes options available for help paying these bills and why you should avoid applying for payday loans.

Making Life More Affordable: Transportation Subsidies and Reduced Rates
If you need help paying for transportation, you might qualify for one of these fee subsidies or a reduced rate.


Tips and Strategies for Living with a Housemate in Shared Accommodation
Includes advice on how to effectively resolve conflicts with your housemate and where to go for help from a third party.

Dealing with Bed Bugs
Information and resources on bed bugs.

How to Prevent and Address Home Takeovers
Your home should be your safe place.  Find out what a home takeover is and learn how to protect yourself from them.

How to Respond to an Eviction Notice
Find out what an eviction notice is and what your legal options and rights are if you are served with an eviction notice.




Personal Monthly Budget Template
This budget will do the math for you, just plug in the numbers to help see what you can afford.


Video: Tips on effective problem solving from a Lutherwood housing advisor




 Tips on making and following-up with work orders 

 Learn about what happens after your lease expires



Learn about the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) and what forms to use


Learn about your options when served an Eviction Notice