Renter's Toolkit: 
Finding and Keeping a Home

3. Securing Housing and Making it a Home

Now that you have decided on a place to live, you will need to secure the unit, move in and get set up.  These tip sheets and work sheets will help you to review and summarize your lease, understand credit checks, have the right identification (ID) to show the landlord, prepare for your move, and make your place feel like home once you settle in.

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Leases, insurance and moving in

What to Look for in a Lease or Rental Agreement
An overview of a lease, typical terms and conditions, what to be wary of, and how it is different from a rental agreement.

Making it a Home: Checklist and Things to Consider
Considerations when you move into a new home including moving, utilities, telephone, furnishings, informing others of your change of address, transferring prescriptions, cleaning, and learning about your new neighbourhood.

Tenant Insurance
What is tenant insurance, why you need it and things to consider.


Identification, credit and reference checks

Securing Identification: Backgrounder
Details on how to get the ID you need to secure income and rent, and what to do if your ID has been lost or stolen.

How to Secure Housing in Urgent Circumstances without Identification (ID)
If you need housing right away, this tip sheet will help you get a place while you wait for the ID you need.

How to get Credit and Reference Checks and Why You Need Them
Details on why credit checks are important, how to get one, and how to manage poor credit and a history of evictions.


Securing housing

My Housing Plan
This worksheet will help you walk through the steps for preparing, searching and securing housing.

Leases, agreements and moving in

Landlord-Tenant-Case Manager Communication Agreement
A fillable agreement between you, your landlord, and your support worker

Reviewing and Summarizing Your Lease
Sort through a lengthy lease just once! Record the important sections and this will be a handy guide when you need it.

Move-In Inspection Form
Fill this out when you move in so that you don't get stuck paying for damage you aren't responsible for.



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