Provincially Funded

Homelessness to Housing Stability Programs

From the Province, the Region has been designated the Service System Manager for Homelessness.

As such, the Region is responsible for system planning, service delivery, accountability/quality assurance and resource allocation.

The Region administers funding for the Consolidated Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) for Emergency SheltersSupportive Housing, Housing Help and Energy Assistance programs.


Other Local Programs with Provincial Funding

Rent Fund and Housing Help

Lutherwood offers a wide range of housing services to support individuals, couples and families to find and keep housing.  Programs have varying levels of support and eligibility requirements.

The central point of access for all services is at two offices located at:

  • 41 Weber Street West in Kitchener, 519-749-2450
  • 35 Dickson Street in Cambridge, 519-623-9383

The Rent Fund is a tool that Housing Advisors may utilize with clients to assist them to maintain current housing (pay arrears) or secure new housing (last month's rent deposit). In order to assess eligibility for an interest free loan or grant, clients need to meet with a Housing Advisor. Services are offered on a drop-in basis from 8:30 - 4:30, Monday - Friday.