Planning & Research

This section includes information on the planning and research behind the services the Region provides for children.

You can find information on:

Child Wellbeing Dashboard: The Child Wellbeing Dashboard is a user-friendly, at-a-glance view of key indicators of child wellbeing in Waterloo Region. The dashboard is integrated with the Early Years Services Map to allow for visualization of the key indicators at a neighbourhood level.

Children's Planning Table: The Children's Planning Table is a collaborative of service providers working together to enhance the coordination of services for children, so that all children in Waterloo Region achieve their optimal developmental health. This section includes detailed information about the collaborative and their efforts to enhance our service system for children and families.

Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Planning: ELCC Planning provides information on the various planning documents produced through Children's Services that are helpful for planning ELCC services across Waterloo Region. This section includes a link to the full ELCC Service Plan and the 2016 ELCC Profile.

Related Resources: This section includes a variety of documents related to planning, research and demographic information used in planning for Children's Services.

Systems Maps: Systems maps include a number of different maps that are applicable to the Early Years System in Waterloo Region. Most significantly, this includes an interactive map, the Early Years Services Map, that shows services and programs for children and families across Waterloo Region. This section also includes other maps that have been produced for planning purposes.

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