Planning for Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centres in Waterloo Region

In Waterloo Region the Ministry of Education currently funds Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs), which have provided beneficial programs and services to families for many years. We know that in some communities in our region there is limited public awareness of available programs, access barriers, shifting demographics and a lack of consistency in what is available to families.

As part of a provincial initiative, Children's Services division at the Region of Waterloo and the Children's Planning Table are working together to plan for the transformation of child and family programs to create local Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centres (OEYCFCs).

By 2018, the Region will be required to manage the implementation of the Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres (OEYCFC). This transformation will help us integrate early years programs and services in the Waterloo Region.

Planning will work towards realizing the Ministry of Education's vision for the early years by following the OEYCFC Planning Guidelines for Service System Managers.

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