OEYCFC Framework

Transforming the early years system is guided by the Ministry of Education's vision for early years and responds to How does learning happen? Ontario's pedagogy for the early years.

The OEYCFC Planning Guidelines include a framework for a consistent early years system across the province.


Vision: To ensure children and families are well supported by a system of responsive, high quality, accessible and increasingly integrated early years programs and services.

Goals to:

  • Ensure access to same suite of high-quality, core OEYCFC services regardless of where families live;
  • Enhance public awareness of available programs and services;
  • Distribute programs based on need; and
  • Integrate programs with other relevant community services.

 Core Services aimed at:

  • Engaging parents and caregivers;
  • Supporting early learning and development and;
  • Making connections to other family services.

Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSM's) must decide how the core services are delivered, and by whom, through local system planning.

Establishing a set of core services will:

  • Ensure that all children, parents and caregivers have access to beneficial, responsive and welcoming programs and services.
  • Establish a consistent understanding and awareness of what parents and caregivers can expect from OEYCFC programs and services regardless of where they live;
  • Reinforce the use of evidence-based and reflective practices that build on the strengths and address the changing needs of children, parents/caregivers and educators; and
  • Promote greater coherence across early years settings as it relates to the use of How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years.