Fee Subsidy

The Region of Waterloo purchases early learning and child care services on behalf of subsidy eligible families from licensed early learning and child care programs in Waterloo Region. 

 For more information, contact:

Heather Baxter, Program Assistant, C.S. Administration 
519-575-4400 ext 3253


Provincial Wage Enhancement Funding

The province announced on January 20, 2015 that there would be a new wage enhancement program to start in 2015 for staff in licensed child care settings. 2017 is the third year for the wage enhancement initiative. The wage enhancement will support an increase of up to $2 per hour in 2017, plus 17.5 percent benefits. In addition, the Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) will support an increase of up to $20 per day in 2017 for licensed home child care providers.

Wage Enhancement materials are posted below.

For more information, please email


 Operating Funding

The Region of Waterloo provides funding to licensed early learning and child care programs to support the costs of operating licensed child care programs. Funding is allocated as Base Funding and Incentive Grants.

Operating Funding Guidelines are available by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Sheri Phillips, Manager Children's Services: 519-575-4757 ext. 5518.


One-Time Funding

One-time funding helps licensed early learning and child care programs and home child care operators meet health and safety requirements,  fire, health, building code and licensing regulations including:

  • Repairs
  • Minor Renovations
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Playground Upgrades

Applications for one-time funding are reviewed when funding is available to distribute to the community. Operators should submit their requests for one- time funding to the Region when:

  1. Application calls are initiated by the Region
  2. As the need arises in the event the Region has year-end surplus funding, all applications will be kept on file and reviewed should surplus funding become available.