Financial Help with Child Care Costs


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The Child Care Subsidy program can help you pay for child care for children up to age 12 at licensed, recreation or Extended Day  programs in the community. To apply for fee subsidy, you must be the parent or legal guardian, live in Waterloo Region and file a Federal Tax Return (in accordance with Revenue Canada Guidelines).  Your net income and the reason you are applying is used to determine if you are eligible for any financial assistance.

Information for parents and guardians including accessing camp/recreation programs can be found in the information booklet. 

Wait List For Child Care Fee Subsidy

Wait List for Child Care Fee Subsidy -The Region of Waterloo does not have a wait list at this time.

A wait list is implemented when there is not enough funding for all families who need Child Care Fee Subsidy.

The Wait List Categories, listed below, are used when a wait list is in effect.



 Category 1  Families with a special needs child
 Category 2  Families with an income between $0 - $20,000
 Category 3  Families with an income between $20,001 - $40,000
 Category 4  Families with an income between $40,001 - $60,000
 Category 5  Families with an income greater than $60,000

Children are placed as other children leave the Child Care Subsidy program. 


Child Care Subsidy does not pay for your child care costs while you are on the waiting list.

How Much Will I Pay?

The amount you pay is based on line 236 of the previous year's Federal Notice of Assessment or Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice.

A Child Care Subsidy Calculator is available on-line to assist you in determining your monthly parent contribution toward the cost of child care prior to completing the on-line application. You will need to have your most recent Federal Notice of Assessment (NOA) for both you and your spouse (if applicable) or your Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice (CCTB) to use the calculator.



How Do I Apply?

You can apply on-line or contact our office for an in-person interview. If you apply on-line you do not have to come to the office, your application will be finalized over the phone.

To apply on-line, click on the Child Care Subsidy Calculator above. Once you have completed the Child Care Subsidy Calculator process you will receive access to the on-line Child Care Subsidy application form. 

To complete an in-office application, call our office at 519-575-4400

Documents for Child Care Subsidy Applications

Click on the applicable document, based on where you live. 

Employment  Verification

Kitchener- Waterloo


Self-Employed Applicants



Referral for Preschool Child with Special or Social Needs



Medical Report for Assessing Eligibility for Child Care Subsidy