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Continuous learning and growth is important - for children and for Early Years Partners. The Region's new continuous quality improvement program for the Early Years System is centered on this belief. Early Years Engage helps programs take an ongoing approach to improving.

Expectations for Early Years Partners

Early Years Partners who contract with the Region will:

  • Continually review their practices to better meet the needs of children and families and to align with Our Vision for Quality in Waterloo Region by: 
    • Developing short and long terms goals for growth
    • Creating action plans to meet the goals
    • Evaluating progress against 'Our Vision'
    • Involve all staff in the continuous improvement process
    • Have flexibility in choosing focus areas for their goals 
    • Build relationships with each other and the Region, and celebrate successes

Support for Early Years Partners

The first phase of Early Years Engage includes the following:

  • Staff training and development policy
    • Guidelines for continuous professional learning
    • New service provider guide
    • Help navigating OneList Waterloo Region and expectations for service providers
    • Annual income statement reporting tool
    • Children's Services portal to allow for information and document sharing between Children's Services  and Early Years Partners
    • Annual planning and site visit to share knowledge and ideas
    • Parent survey to gather parent perspective about the program and inform system-wide planning

For more information on Early Years Engage or for copies of Early Years Engage policies or templates, please contact:


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