By being....

Respectful  Responsive    Reflective  Collective  Active    Experimental


Developmental   Evaluation

Developmental evaluation is a form of evaluation that is   outcomes-oriented in its focus and is particularly useful in situations where   the outcomes are emergent and changing. It is particularly well-suited for   longer-term social change efforts that are continually developing and   evolving. The emphasis in Developmental Evaluation is on documenting   decisions and formalizing the learning and the knowledge-bases that drive   decisions.



Decisions will be made using consensus. Should a formal vote   be required, those designated as Voting Members will provide a vote on behalf   of their organization.


Code of Conduct

Participants of the Children's Planning Table will commit   themselves to the following:

  • Work for the well being of children and   families.
  • Work with others in a spirit of respect,   openness, co-operation and proper decorum in spite of differences that may   arise during discussion.
  • Support the concepts and principles of service   system integration.