Information for our contracted caregivers

Do you contract with us to provide licensed child care out of your home? This area has resources for your professional development and information on the standards to follow when caring for children.

Forms for Privately Placed Children

Parent Acknowledgement (*Needed even if you are using your own forms)

Application and Consent

Outdoor Play and Supervision Agreement (Under 5)

Outdoor Play and Supervision Agreement (5 and Up)

Sleep Arrangements Permission Form

Immunization Form


Optional Forms (as needed)

Child Feeding Schedule

Incident Report

Administration of Prescribed and Non Prescribed Medications

Authorization for Application of Sunscreen

Individualized Anaphylaxis

Individualized Support Plan

Individualized Plan for Child with Medical Needs


Useful links

Policies and Procedures

Supervision of Students and Volunteers Policy

Standing Bodies of Water Policy

Program Statement

Program Statement Implementation

Sanitary Practices

Sleeping Arrangements and Supervision

Serious Occurrence

Anaphylaxis Plan

Individual Anaphylaxis Plan Form (available in alternate form upon request)

Individualized Plans for Children with Special Needs

Individualized Plans for Children with Medical Needs

Administration of Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Medication (available in alternate form upon request)

Training and Development

Fire Procedure



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Welcome & Table of Contents

Section 1 - Contracting with Our Program

Section 2 - Supervision and Care of the Children

Section 3 - Guiding Children's Behaviour

Section 4 - Nutrition

Section 5 - Health

Section 6 - Sanitary Practices

Section 7 - Safety

Section 8 - Accidents, Serious Occurrences and Child Protection Issues

Section 9 - Community Resources

Section 10 - Record Keeping

Section 11 - Payment Policies

Section 12 - Toy Library