What is Developmental Health?

Developmental Health has been defined as the physical and mental health, well-being, coping and competence of human beings (Keating, 1999) and is the combination of health and developmental outcomes.

Many different factors can positively or negatively affect developmental health, such as:

  • income;
  • education;
  • health;
  • culture;
  • parenting;
  • neighbourhood; and
  • social status.


Measuring Impacts to Developmental Health

The Children's Planning Table, along with the broader service providing sector in Waterloo Region, is in the process of identifying a set of common or shared indicators to measure overall improvements in a child's developmental health.

The first step in that process has been to identify indicators that are already being collected and that meet the following criteria:

  • Related to the Developmental Health of Children
  • Give a 'community-wide' look
  • Data is regularly updated

The Children's Planning Table has provided their input into indicators that might offer insight into measuring the developmental health of children.

  • Full list of indicators considered
  • Top indicators as identified by CPT