To use this calculator, you will need the information from line 236 from your Federal Notice of Assessment (NOA). If you do not have your Federal Notice of Assessment, call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.

Household Income

Enter information from line 236 of your most recent Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment for you and your partner or spouse.

236 Net Income .....  (Applicant 1)

236 Net Income .....  (Applicant 2)

OR If you receive the Universal Child Care Benefit,
enter the amount of your Family Income from the Canada Child Tax Benefit Statement



Income Brackets used in Fee Calculation
under $20,00020,000 to 40,000over 40,000

Disclaimer: Completing this Child Care Subsidy Calculator provides only a basic screening and does not confirm if you are eligible or ineligible. The Calculator does not confirm the amount of the parent contribution.

Please be advised a wait list for Child Care Subsidy will be implemented June 1, 2013.

For information about the wait list please go to page "Financial Help with Child Care Costs" or call 519-883-2200