Then we will foster....

Capacity for   Child/Family Centered, Strengths-based Approaches

Strategic Actions

(Mutually   Reinforcing Activities)


The Children's Planning Table recognizes approaches   that work together to support and surround all aspects of a child's life. 'Wholistic' approaches include:


  • Social, emotional, physical and spiritual   development
  • Supporting children and families in their   communities and cultures
  • Respecting and engaging diverse models of  community
  • Being present, authentic and human
  • Recognition that each of us define family   differently


The   Children's Planning Table recognizes that family   and children are the centre of our work. Putting family and children at   the centre of services means:


  • Families are driving the decisions
  • Recognizing power and privilege inherent in  service delivery
  • Empowering families and communities
  • Giving every child  opportunities for quality learning and  connections to caring adults
  • Using preventative and proactive approaches
  • Providing help at the earliest stage possible
  • Having flexible supports during wait times   and as long as needed
  • Recognizing the impact of family and   community
  • Supporting families to overcome barriers
  • Ensuring services are accessible



The implementation of a website to help   individuals and families find the services they need faster and more easily. Please   see the Action Plan for more details.