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Director, Community Services, Carizon Family and Community Services
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Barb Cardow
Director, Children's Services
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Children's Planning Table (CPT) Working Groups

Implementation Teams (Began Fall 2015)

Two Implementation Teams have begun to follow up on the workplans established by the Priority Action Teams. As the name suggests, both Implementation Teams will work to implement the specific action steps and recommendations throughout 2016 and 2017 as applicable. One group will be known as the Virtual Access Team and the other as the Shared Philosophy Implementation Team. To see the minutes of their meetings, please follow the links below.

 Children's Planning Table Data Team (On-going) 

The Early years Data Team (formerly known as the ELP Planning and Technical Team) is a collaborative of data experts from a variety of sectors in Waterloo region. They come together to provide data and research expertise to help guide the work of the Children's Planning Table. One key project of the Early Years Data Team has been the Child Wellbeing Dashboard and the Early Years Services Map.

Priority Action Teams (Concluded Summer 2015)

Two Priority Action Teams are being formed to develop action plans for the priorities established by the Access and Service Working Groups. One will be known as the Navigation Action Team (following the work of the Access Working Group), and the other will be known as the Shared Philosophy Action Team (following the work of the Service Working Group).

Access and Service Working Groups (Concluded Spring 2014)

In 2013, Children's Planning Table members decided to have two Working Groups meet intensively together to decide on priority focus areas for the Children's Planning Table. The Access Working Group focused on choosing a priority that addressed an issue of access to services (how families get "to the door") and the Service Working Group focused on choosing a priority that addressed an issue of service experience (after families are "in the door"). Both groups worked diligently to narrow down their options to one emergent priority each.